Key Highlights from the 2016 EDM Forum Review

The 2016 EDM Forum Review highlights major events, initiatives, programs, and policies that set the stage for evidence-based system transformation. This year, the Review highlights four key trends in 2016 related to:

  • the creation of the Quality Payment Program and MACRA legislation;
  • unprecedented investment in science at scale and private investments in data analytics;
  • community-based data sharing and building a culture of health; and
  • the continued evolution of collaboration and open health science.



Concordium 2016: Data and Knowledge Transforming Health

Sept 12-13, 2016 | Hilton Crystal City | Arlington, VA

Concordium 2016 aims to advance the strategic development and use of evidence to transform health systems. Concordium showcases innovation and leading ideas; provides an opportunity to share emerging science and applications; and promote collaboration to improve health.

This year’s conference brought together individuals and organizations working with health data to integrate evidence, practice, and policy in the delivery system setting. With discussion-based, innovative session formats, the conference featured a transdisciplinary convergence of individuals designing and executing strategies for delivery system transformation.



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eGEMs spotlight

Open Science and eGEMs: Our Role in Supporting a Culture of Collaboration in Learning Health Systems

Guest Editor: Erin holve, PhD, mph, mpp

“Open science” includes a variety of approaches to facilitate greater access to data and the information produced by processes of scientific inquiry. Recently, the health sciences community has been grappling with the issue of potential pathways and models to achieve the goals of open science—namely, to create and rapidly share reproducible health research. eGEMs’ continued dedication to and milestones regarding the publication of innovative, useful, and timely research to help contribute to the push towards open science is discussed, as well as the EDM Forum’s new data sharing platform, CIELO. Although strides have been made, there is still more work to be done to help health sciences community truly embrace open science. READ MORE

call for submissions

Contribute Your Insights on Collecting and Using Patient-Reported Outcomes in Practice

The EDM Forum is currently soliciting submissions to the PROactive toolkit to promote emerging best practices for implementing patient-reported outcomes (PRO) in health care settings. PRO measures, implementation guides, governance modules, analytic plans or code for analyzing PRO data, and other tools will be accepted to promote the dissemination of useful and generalizable strategies to assist clinicians, administrators and researchers who are interested in including PROs in their work.

The toolkit will be a living resource and we invite you to submit materials you feel will be helpful to accelerate appropriate uses of PROs in practice.


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