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eGEMs spotlight

Trust 2.0: Data Governance to Support Health and Discovery

Guest Editor: John H. Holmes, PhD

New technologies are emerging rapidly to support the collection and use of a wide variety of health data from clinical, genomic, social and behavioral, environmental, and financial sources. As these new technologies develop and new uses for health data emerge, it is more critical than ever to ensure high standards for privacy, security, and appropriate uses of these data to preserve trust. At the same time, despite these rapid changes in the field, access to literature on health data governance is limited. This special issue of eGEMs addresses governance from a number of key viewpoints, including leadership perspectives, local and national case studies, and consideration of patient engagement in health data use and decision making. READ MORE

call for submissions

Contribute Your Insights on Collecting and Using Patient-Reported Outcomes in Practice

The EDM Forum is currently soliciting submissions to the PROactive toolkit to promote emerging best practices for implementing patient-reported outcomes (PRO) in health care settings. PRO measures, implementation guides, governance modules, analytic plans or code for analyzing PRO data, and other tools will be accepted to promote the dissemination of useful and generalizable strategies to assist clinicians, administrators and researchers who are interested in including PROs in their work.

The toolkit will be a living resource and we invite you to submit materials you feel will be helpful to accelerate appropriate uses of PROs in practice.



EDM Forum Review 2015

The EDM Forum Review highlights major events, initiatives, key investments, and emerging evidence using electronic health data (EHD) to improve patient care and outcomes. This inaugural edition of the Review ties together several of the EDM Forum's analytic efforts in one central place to tell a story about the rapid progress among the users and producers of EHD.


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