Data and Analytics in Learning Health Systems

The Data and Analytics in Learning Health Systems (DALHS) is a new community of practice within the EDM Forum focused on learning health systems. DALHS supports the efforts of health systems and stakeholders who strive for continuous, embedded learning through ongoing generation and use of evidence-based information to improve the experience of care and the health of populations, and reduce per capita health care costs.

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DALHS members include experts from diverse backgrounds, including clinicians, health services researchers, economists, epidemiologists, data scientists, and informaticians to share insights and experiences that build and support learning – and continuously improving -- health systems (LHS).

DALHS’ experts are engaged in developing and defining LHS concepts and practices based on the groups’ diverse challenges, experiences, and successes. DALHS members build and grow intellectual capital to strategically support LHS in order to accelerate transformation and improvement in health systems.

DALHS is led by a nationally recognized Steering Committee of experts in delivery system science, dissemination and implementation research, quality improvement and health services research. View 2015-2016 Steering Committee

Community Aims

Working together, DALHS has three near-term aims:

  1. to engage a nationally recognized network of experts and stakeholders from industry, health systems, academia and government in the DALHS community of practice;
  2. to build a national communication platform to engage DALHS members; and
  3. to pursue opportunities to conduct multi-disciplinary studies to strategically advance the field of data and analytics application in health systems.

Meetings & Activities

The DALHS community of practice meets virtually once a month to share lessons learned, and identify and propose promising practices to address shared challenges. As opportunities and interest arise, DALHS members work together in writing groups to develop manuscripts, and on collaborative projects and proposals. DALHS members advise the content, serve as reviewers, and participate in AcademyHealth’s Concordium meeting.

DALHS meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of every month. To request information on joining meetings, please email


Funding Acknowledgement

The AcademyHealth DALHS is supported by the AcademyHealth EDM Forum. Ongoing support for the EDM Forum comes from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Grant # U18 HS022789.